Our Team
We are a dedicated group of passionate instructors with a common goal to deliver high quality, challenging & mindful classes each and every time we teach.
Driven by a shared belief in the magic of movement – our classes are grounded in anatomy with a foundation of specific knowledge and training. We can’t wait to inspire you and be inspired by you.
Meet Our Founder
Ali Handley is the founder of Bodylove Pilates, mum of 3 and a pre & postnatal Pilates specialist. Returning to the Australia after nearly a decade in New York, Ali is a passionate instructor, dedicated to her community and team. Ali believes that you can get a workout anywhere, but what Bodylove delivers is a magical, innovative and unique experience.
“I love my job. Nothing makes me happier than teaching a class and supporting my community with the very best in wellness. I adore taking one of my instructors great flows and I'm absolutely dedicated to making the Bodylove experience something you can't get anywhere else.”.