The Intro Pass
When does the 2 week period begin?
The Intro pass is valid for 5 classes over a 2 week period. We do not offer extensions for any reason. Your two week period begins from the date of your first booked class. If you decide you want to book a class that occurs before the initial class you have booked, you will need to cancel the first class booked to restart the two weeks again earlier.
Can the intro pass be used at both locations?
Yes - absolutely! You can use the pass at both Woollahra and The Penthouse!
Who can do the Intro Pass?
Intro passes are for NEW clients only - anyone who has bought multiple intro passes on different email addresses will be denied studio access.
Late Cancels & No Shows
What is the late cancellation policy?
We appreciate life gets busy - but outside of an emergency, we have a strict 12 hour cancellation policy. We do not accept email or phone cancellations and kindly request you manage your schedule through your chosen App. (Bodylove App or MindBody)
Will be charged for Late Cancel/No Shows?
Members will be charged $20 for Late Cancels/No Shows & 10 pack/Casual/Intro pass users will lose their class.
The Waitlist
How many spots are on the waitlist before the class is closed and full?
There are 5 waitlists spots. If there is no option to book the class it means all 5 spots are taken & the class is closed until this changes. Please don't be afraid to join the waitlist. Even if you are number 5 at the beginning of the week this will change as people's plans change & you have a high likelihood of getting into class.
What does it mean if I join the waitlist?
When you choose to join a waitlist you are selecting to attend the class. As a result, as soon as a spot becomes available you will be automatically added to the class. If you have added yourself to multiple class waitlists on the same day we very kindly request you manage your waitlist schedule by cancelling out of classes you no longer want to be in once you have been confirmed a spot or no longer want to workout. This can be managed & viewed where you book your classes - the Bodylove App or Mindbody App
How will I know if i have been added to the waitlist?
You will receive an email alerting you that you have been added to class. All waitlist communication is now only via email. We have turned off all text message alerts. If you have not already, please go into your account and select email communication/confirmations to ensure you receive the relevant information (If you need help with this let us know)
Will I be charged if I don't attend a class where I have been added to the waitlist?
If you have been added to a class from the waitlist more than 12 hours before the class begins, our regular late cancel/no show rules apply. $20 fee for members or loss of class for casual passes if you late cancel/no show. If you have been added to a class from the waitlist within 12 hours of the class starting - you have 4 hours to cancel without incurring a $20 late cancel/no show fee or loss of class. We suggest checking emails before going to bed at night, if you're still on the waitlist - this will give you an opportunity to CANCEL out of the waitlist so that you don't miss this window.
Covid Safety Policy
Can I come to class if I have Covid?
No. Out of respect for the studio and fellow Bodylovers please do not attend class.
Do I need to wear a mask?
No - masks are not mandated in Australia and is a personal choice.
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