Reformer Course
What's Included
1. Bodylove Reformer Pilates Manual

2. Daily master trainer led reformer pilates class

3. Example class plans

4. Discounted Bodylove Studio Membership (10%)

5. Ongoing training and mentorship oppertunities
Course Outline
Weekend 1:
Reformer instruction and safety
Anatomy refresher
Warm-up exercises
Core exercises
Practice Teaching

Weekend 2:
Spine Exercises
Chest & Arm Exercises
Upper Back & Shoulders Exercises
Injuries: Spine, Neck & Shoulder
Practice Teaching

Weekend 3: The Hip
Lower Body Exercises
Injuries: Hip, Pelvis and Knee
Practice Teaching
Class Planning and Structure

Weekend 4:
Jump-board Exercises
Stretching and Cool-down Exercises
Pre/Postnatal Modifications

In addition to participation in the face-to-face learning you will also be required to complete the following:

25 Observation Hours
25 Participation Hours
20 Practice Teaching Hours
Online Anatomy Assessment
Online Theory Assessment
In Person Practical Assessment

Note: Once your registration for the course has been accepted you may begin logging your participation hours.
Early Bird Offer: $2,700
(Register before Feb 11th 2021)
Regular Course Price: $2,890

This pricing includes all materials required for the courses including hard copies and postage of the following:
– Bodylove Reformer Pilates Manual
Does not include final exam cost of $120 to be booked with master trainer following course completion.

Want the whole package?
Register for both the Mat and Reformer courses with out Dual Course offer and save!

Dual Course Pricing:
Early Bird: $5,200
(Register for both courses before Jan 5th 2020)
Regular Dual Course Price: $5,500
Course Dates
15th & 16th
22nd & 23rd

5th & 6th
12th & 13th

9th & 10th
16th & 17th
30th & 31st

6th & 7th

May 15 - June 13, 2021
Oct 9th - Nov 7th, 2021
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